Military Law Enforcement Training

Flashback Martial Arts is a proud supporter of the We Defy Foundation. As stated on their website, the We Defy Foundation “exists to improve the lives of mentally and physically disabled combat veterans. The coaching staff and members of We Defy Foundation are comprised of both military and non-military personnel. We understand how important it is to take care of our returning combat veterans. We are committed to giving them the tools to combat life’s challenges.”

Currently Flashback Martial Arts is the only officially recognized We Defy Foundation Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in NE Wisconsin. For more information on the We Defy Foundation and how Flashback Martial Arts supports their efforts, Click Here.

We understand the unique challenges facing law enforcement officers out on the street. In fact, two of our coaches currently work for local law enforcement agencies. Our programs work as a supplement to state model techniques shown in current DAAT training. Training at Flashback Martial Arts offers a fun way to stay in shape, learn techniques that will fit within your department policy, and network with other active police officers. Click Here for more information.

For additional news and information about Flashback Martial Arts, please visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/FlashbackBJJ or stop in and visit us at 2310 W College Ave, Suite G in Appleton, WI. Call us at 920-205-8118. All new members are offered a ONE FREE CLASS TRIAL OFFER or a FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON.